Czech Couples 7

Money indeed rules the world! You just rustle with green papers and everything else falls into oblivion. Including love and faithfulness that lasted for so many years. My shameless partner and I caught a lovely couple in the centre of Prague. How about giving head in the public? Generous reward guaranteed. We caught a tram and went to our final destination. The curly assistant set her gorgeous tits free and I stuffed her mouth with my thick gag. The guy didnРІР‚в„ўt really like it but he stopped blabbering when my lovely wifee started to suck his cock. Hey, dude, how about a deal? You can do anything you want with my old lady and I will shag your little whore! What do you reckon? He agreed on it, and our babes could set off for a cock ride. Great, we even have an audience this time! An old harridan was watching us from her window. This is total decadence! This is how we fuck in the Czech Republic. In the public and for money!
Category: CzechCouples 30 September 2014

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