Female Agent - Barra Brass and Natalee - E284

Natalee (39 mins). I was a very lucky agent today when this drop dead gorgeous woman walked in though my door. She was a delight on the eyes and she had a beautiful ass that I needed to see in the flesh She had exactly the right attitude that I was looking for as well, she immediately said yes to modelling in her underwear so I pushed for more. She also easily agreed to do nude photo shoots but had some doubts when I asked her if she could shoot scenes with other women. As always, the promise of a good wage won through, and after explaining how much she could potentially earn she agreed to do some shoots with other women. When I asked her for a camera test she was a bit unsure, but I explained that she could have work from tomorrow if I could show my clients how well she performed and so she agreed. This was going to be amazing. We sat on the couch together and we began to kiss She was sightly nervous still but I calmed her down with soft strokes of my hand and delicate probes of my tongue inside her mouth. I got her to stand up and I peeled her jeans off revealing that luscious ass It was time to taste this beautiful womans pussy. She lay back on the couch and I swirled my tongue around her labia, exploring her sticky depths I could feel she wasn't enjoying this as much as me and I asked her what would make her cum. She shyly replied that she needed a cock as she had never been with a woman before Well if ifs a cock she wants, it's a cock she'll get. I strapped on my plastic phallus and eased it into her tight, slick hole. The pleasure spread across her face immediately and I soon had her turned round and was fucking her in doggystyle until her orgasm hit her like a thunderbolt and she was screaming and wriggling on the end of my plastic cock This woman had turned me on so much that I needed satisfaction also and I got this stunning woman to lick and finger fuck my pussy until I was screaming and writhing with ecstasy as my orgasm consumed me. What a very lucky agent I am, I'll be watching this one back myself later, such a horny casting
Category: FemaleAgent 09 January 2015

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